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"We have been very pleased with the TrueDEK shower system . . ."

KBC Full Service Design/Build Remodeling has been in business for more than 27 years and has completed home modifications since 2002. We have used many products from ARC, including Comfort Grip grab bars, fold-up supports, shower seats, and  TrueDEK bases.

We have been very pleased with the TrueDEK shower system including the online YouTube installation videos. All of our installers have viewed the videos and they are very helpful. The multiple base sizes are able to be modified for any situation either in a wood subfloor or concrete. Our tile contractor has been delighted with the ease of a tiled shower base without the mud base.

Lastly, the best compliments we receive are from our clients when they tell us how beautiful their new shower looks!

Ken Bryan
Ken Bryan (owner)
KBC Remodeling, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I am excited to offer this product . . ."

The ARC system installed seamlessly. I am very impressed with the sound structure of the pan and the durability of the waterproofing kit.  By experiencing the product and the installation process I am excited and confident to offer this product to my remodeling customers.

Craig Scofield
Craig Scofield (owner)
Scofield Homeworks, Edina, MN

"The finished product looks great!"

The TrueDEK shower was very simple to install.  I typically have my tile installer put in the pan, but this was something I could do on my own.  The finished product looks great! I have had a great response from customers on the curbless shower.

Bruce Grifhorst
Bruce Grifhorst (owner)
Grifhorst Construction, Wyoming, MI

"They simplify everything . . ."

I’ve installed six TrueDEK Classic showers and couldn’t be happier. They simplify everything and are way more accommodating than old shower building methods like a mud bed. I choose to use TrueDEKs on both concrete slabs and wood joists. And I really like the new Tank/10 waterproofing compound, too–it is easier to work with and rolls out better. My wife is a physical therapist who does home care, and she is a big fan of these showers, too. I think this is the best system on the market.

John DeBell
John DeBell (owner)
DeBell and DeBell Construction, Redwood City, CA

". . . this thing was a bargain!"

I wanted to thank the folks at ARC, Inc. for a very cool project. After watching your videos and talking to your staff, I decided I could handle the installation (I’m a fairly seasoned do-it-yourselfer).  Bottom line: The pan worked great.  The drain system was easy to install and adjust to the perfect height.  The water drainage is perfect, and in my shower’s case that means handling a pretty high water flow rate from a large rainfall/waterfall shower head.  Finally, considering how much it would have cost me to have a professional come in, lower all the floor joists and build a custom shower pan, this thing was a bargain! I’m surprised any contractor would consider offering a curbless entry shower using the old school method of shaving joists and building a sloped concrete pan.

Richard Wand
Richard Wand (homeowner)
Denver, CO

"I think that the TrueDEK is one of the best products out on the market. And so do my clients."

You can solve the entire problem of having to worry about dropping the floor by using a TrueDEK Classic. It’s a pre-sloped pan that you install directly over the existing framing, and then tile over it. You simply remove the subfloor, install perimeter and drain blocking around whatever size pan you’ve chosen, install the pan and waterproofing (tape and membrane), and then tile over it.

All of the other products I’ve seen on the market require at least some modification of the floor framing in order to create a curbless shower, and a significant amount of labor and materials compared to the TrueDEK Classic.

I think that the TrueDEK Classic is one of the best products out on the market. And so do my clients.

Pam Miller
Pam Miller (owner)
Alchemy Construction & Consulting, Sonoma, CA

"Our client is happy and so are we! "

Our client desired a curbless shower for their master bathroom renovation project, however, we ran into a roadblock when we discovered that we weren’t able to cut into the floor joists as originally planned. Fortunately, we found the Arc shower system after thoroughly researching waterproof shower bases that could be installed directly onto the floor joists. The installation was simple and we were able to customize it to meet the needs of our client. Our client is happy and so are we!  We have used TrueDEK foundations multiple times since then and plan to use it again in the future.

Kelly Knipper
Kelly Knipper (owner)
Floorology, Rothschild, WI

"I saved a ton of time on the install side."

We dropped the pan in today. We did have to pull it up once to add some shims, but lesson learned on what it takes to get it level the first shot. The drain was super easy to install, and I love the fact that it can seat any way and the drain will line up perfectly. Not to mention that there are no screws, but just a drain lock. Nice clean look to the drain.

. . . I saved a ton of time on the install side.

Rob Estoll
Rob Estoll (owner)
Tried & True Services, Naperville, IL

"We plan to continue using the TrueDEK Classic system for all of our projects."

As a non-profit developer, contractor, and operator of approximately 3,500 units of affordable housing in the Mid-Atlantic States, I am compelled to write and offer testimony to our satisfaction with the TrueDEK Classic shower system.

We have had absolutely no issues with any of the installations that we have performed and this has occurred in both new construction and rehabilitation projects. The new construction installs are very simple and, even with a very complex historic preservation and adaptive reuse of an old school, we accomplished the install of six TrueDEK Classic pans in two days, and that included sawing and breaking out existing concrete flooring in order to maintain the floor level. If we had still been using the traditional wet-bed methods, which we had done for many years, the labor would have been triple. We actually shaved two days off the schedule.

Our tenants that have used a traditional wet-bed roll-in shower in the past are much happier with the TrueDEK Classic system since their wheelchairs are not on as steep of an angle. We have had no issues of leaks of standing water and it actually appears that the floor dries quicker than traditional method timeframes.

We typically double the federal requirement for accessible units and our senior projects are built to universal design standards. Since we have started and continue to use the TrueDEK Classic pan, we feel that we are delivering a superior product to our tenants that suffer from mobility impairment issues. We plan to continue using the TrueDEK system for all of our projects.

David Hahn
David Hahn (property manager)
Mission First Housing Group, Philadelphia, PA

"I'm happy to endorse a product with ease of installing, versatile in design, and backed by such a devoted team . . ."

As with many newer products I am both skeptical and curious as to how good a product is and whether or not it is worth using. A few years ago I became curious about the TrueDEK Classic shower pan after being introduced to them. I was invited to see a demonstration on the installation procedures presented by a representative of ARC. Seeing the product up close, the simple procedure for installing and the flexibility of how it is designed, I became convinced that this was the better product for curb free shower installations.

As a one-man shop I cringe at the need for floating mud set shower pans simply because of the amount of heavy labor involved. I don’t know anyone who looks forward to carrying bucket after bucket of floor mix up any number of flights of stairs so a shower pan can be properly sloped, lined, and then floated again for the tile base. With this TrueDEK Classic shower base all that back breaking labor has been eliminated to a what amounts to a single trip.

I have installed about a half-dozen of these since first seeing them, both as roll-in for handicap needs, for aging in place persons who did not want to step over the side of the existing bathtub, and for design and practical purposes where a curb-free shower was just a better way to go in place of the traditional curbed pan.

There are many other systems currently available for curb-free installing, but many require either the cutting down of floor joists to meet the floor height requirements, or building up the floor area to meet the shower base height once installed. I have found that this TrueDEK Classic has eliminated all that with it being structurally designed and placed either on the floor joists or the sub floor (I have done them both ways without any major issues). I cannot say anything I do not like about this system. When I bid my shower projects–most all are renovations–I always suggest a curb-free shower and specifically recommend the TrueDEK shower pan.

I’m happy to endorse a product with ease of installing, versatile in design, and backed by such a devoted team who will go out of their way to ensure any questions are addressed and even dispatch knowledgeable personnel to provide on-site assistance when needed. No other company I know goes to that length for its customers and products.

Matthew Salinger
Matthew Salinger (owner)
Matt's Tileworks, Bloomington, MN

"I love your product. "

I love your product. My company has installed many TrueDEK shower systems since 2013. From the first project we realized how easy they are to install and the amazing quality of the product. All of my customers have been extremely impressed with the product and the final look of the installations.

Victor Paez
Victor Paez (owner)
Custom Home Elements, Reston, VA

"More Affordable than Normal Mud Pan"

I want you to know that Brightstar put in their first tray Monday, came back Tuesday to waterproof, and was tiling on Wednesday. They absolutely loved it. The installers said that it was much easier than they expected, and that it really didn’t cost them more than doing a traditional mud pan.

Ben Bixler
Ben Bixler (sales)
Conestoga Tile, Baltimore, MD

"The finished shower is awesome."

Dear ARC,

I am a do-it-yourself home improvement weekend warrior. I have made many improvements to our home over the years, and I enjoy tackling most projects myself, though some have required the help of a pro, mostly in plumbing and electrical areas. It’s my hobby, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment when my projects are finished.

Last year I decided to remodel our bathroom, and one of the improvements my wife and I wanted was to get rid of the tub and build a beautiful shower that’s level with the floor, without a step or curb at the entrance. We hadn’t used the tub in years, except as a shower. After researching options I decided that the best system for our needs was the TrueDEK Classic. We both liked the look of showers built on the TrueDEK Classic platform, and, after watching the installation videos, I felt confident that I could do it on my own.

Since the TrueDEK Classic is structural, I was able to install it directly on the joists to get a level entry shower. Installation was easy, and I already had all the necessary tools. I took care to make sure the base went in level and all edges and the drain were supported. I wanted a full wet room, so I waterproofed the entire floor as well as the walls of the shower. The next day I started tiling.

It turned out that putting in the TrueDEK was the fastest part of the project. The bathroom took a long time to finish because I only had nights and weekends to work on it.

The finished shower is awesome. We love it and the whole room, and it’s a pleasure to use. Our grandchildren are here all the time, and they all love to use this shower. It’s the right design for all of us.? We just wanted you to know how much we like the shower, and we know we made the right choice because we want to live here for at least another 10 or 15 years.

Yours truly,

Al K.
Al K. (homeowner)

"The TrueDEK Classic saves time . . ."

The TrueDEK Classic saves time and enables me to offer a great product and service to the customer. One customer I have worked with has cancer, and creating a shower next to his master bedroom allowed him to become more independent. This customer’s wife has said her life has changed due to this product. Another customer wished to have a beautiful bathroom to use for the rest of his life.

Roger Burghdoff
Roger Burghdoff (owner)
Best Deal Bath, Ferndale, MI

"This shower is amazing."

In 2009 we hired a builder to remodel a bathroom and make it handicap accessible. He assured us he never had a tiled shower leak. 8 months later I noticed water on the basement ceiling tiles below this bathroom. Our builder was convinced the shower was not leaking from the floor and thought it was probably leaking from a pipe behind the wall. Since the plumbing was on the outside wall he took off the siding and OSB only to determine that there was no leak from the pipes. He conceded and ripped out the floor to find that the rubber liner had a “pin hole.” The shower floor was then redone. Three months later we again noticed leaking on the ceiling tiles from the bathroom above. The shower floor was then redone by a tile contractor hired by my builder. The OSB under the floor was rotten and had to be replaced. The tiled shower walls originally done by the builder remained in place. Two years later we once again had a leaking shower.

Doug and Crystal Kurchak from Constructive Designs along with ARC and Virginia Tile came up with a way to install a barrier free, roll in shower without affecting the structural integrity of the floor joist. Installers from ARC and Virginia tile traveled from Wisconsin and Grand Rapids, Michigan to assist Doug in the installation. This shower is amazing; my son can now roll right up to the shower bench and transfer over verses transferring over a curb which was a fall risk. The slope is gradual so the shower bench sits very stable. The entire bathroom floor is waterproofed, although the water stays in the shower area.

Lesson learned; hire experts to install an accessible tiled shower. When the old shower was removed the leak was coming from the walls which were not waterproofed.

Thank-you Doug and Crystal Kurchak from Constructive Design, Virginia Tile and ARC for the beautiful accessible bathroom!

Patty and Dan Davis
Patty and Dan Davis (homeowners)
Hemlock, MI