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Thank you for visiting our website and for choosing to do business with us.

Hopefully, we have already earned your confidence. If you’re a new customer, we will do our best to exceed your expectations and provide the support you need to install our products. And if you feel let down by us in any way, please let us know how we failed and how we can improve. It is our mission to make homes safer, more comfortable, more stylish, and to help people live better lives.

We believe that zero-entry, barrier free showers are an important advancement in shower design. First of all, they eliminate the curb, which is a major trip and slip hazard and makes cleaning difficult. Second, they’re easy and fast to install. Third, they are a perfect platform for covering with custom tile, and you can retile anytime you want. And fourth,  showers built on ARC no-threshold shower bases are the easiest, safest to use by everyone and they are easier to clean than any shower with a curb.

People who love spa styling install our shower bases. People who want safety and comfort install our shower bases. People who want a shower that will last a lifetime install our shower bases. They are universal in their “eye” appeal and in their practical, daily use.

When we started ARC many years ago, people would ask us what we were selling and they would struggle to understand what curbless, level-entry showers meant. But a couple of years later the questions changed from “What is it?”, to “How do I do it?.” It was a gradual process. Finally, in the last few years, the question changed again. Now it’s “Where can I get this stuff?” Believe me, that question is music to our ears. We feel like the message is getting through.

Who is ARC?

Everyday we work to earn your confidence and trust, and to build a relationship with you based on fairness and value.

ARC has been the pioneer in structural, pre-formed, curbless, level-entry showers. A few others claim that they have been providing products like this longer than we have, but they are stretching the truth. ARC products have been available in the US since 2007. A European manufacturer first brought the concept to the US that year, and ARC began carrying the products in 2010. Within two years that European manufacturer asked ARC to takeover responsibility for these innovative products in North America. In Europe, ARC-style shower foundations have been around since the 1980s, and hundreds of thousands have been installed worldwide since then.

It’s been amazing to see how much awareness of level-entry showers has grown here since we started ARC. And we’re proud to have played a role in that change. Someday, curbless, level-entry showers will be so common that they won’t draw the attention they do now. We’re a long way from that time, but the road to get there is exciting.

Let us help

As with anything, there are many products from many sources that you can choose for your bathroom. Whether you’re looking to build a shower or add safety improvements, we can help you sort through the options and give you information so you can make a good decision. We know people can choose products that we don’t have, and that’s okay. Our goal is to share knowledge we’ve learned from being in this business for a long time. Many of us at ARC have spent years in the building trades—plumbing, tile, and construction—and we are a good sounding board for your special situation.

ARC is a team of good folks trying to do good work. And we’re privileged to have so many great business partners and customers. We strive to serve everyone well. Our growth and sustainability as a company depend on it, and it’s the right way to live. At the end of each day, we trust that we made a positive difference in the world, and helped someone, somewhere, enjoy a better life.

Give us a call and your questions will be answered by the best person for the job. We’re here to serve you, so let us show you how helpful we can be.

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