Waterproofing Kits

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Waterproofing Kits. If you find that you still have questions after reading through these, contact us and we can help!

What’s the purpose of the Pro Kit?

Like the Premium Kit, the Pro Kit was created because contractors wanted it. Some contractors prefer to use a different waterproofing system on shower walls or the bathroom floor outside of the shower area. So the Pro Kit was designed to provide enough waterproofing materials for the shower foundation only, allowing installers to use other products on the surrounding surfaces. It’s up to a contractor to consider compatibility of the different waterproofing products.

Why should I get a Premium Kit?

The Premium Waterproofing Kit includes extra convenience supplies that are needed when installing a TrueDEK shower foundation. While these are ordinary supplies, having them come in a kit has been a great help to many installers who want to avoid the delays and expense of running to a hardware store for them as they get into a project. ARC created the Premium Kit at the request of contractors who told us that they wanted everything they needed for a job to come in one box, and they didn’t want to run to the store because they forgot to get a few screws or a paint brush.

What color is Tank/10?

The dark gray color of Tank/10 makes it visibly easier to spread over shower foundations and tile backer (you can easily see any spots you miss) and the color darkens slightly as the compound dries.

What is the shelf life of Tank/10?

Tank/10 has a 3 year shelf life. A born-on date is printed on a label that is adhered to every bucket, and the date is also written on a label that is stuck to every waterproofing kit box.

What kind of base is used in Tank/10?

Tank/10 is a premium latex based liquid paste compound. It is quite thick and has a very high latex content, which results in a product that has the consistency of pudding and spreads out in a thick layer to create a protective membrane. Tank/10 can be spread with a paint brush, paint roller, or trowel. Cleanup is best done while the material is wet using warm water and a mild soap.