Bendy Rails

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Bendy Rails. If you find that you still have questions after reading through these, contact us and we can help!

What is the warranty on a bendy rail?

The manufacturer’s limited warranty for defects is extended to the original “end-user” purchaser. When installed in a commercial setting, the warranty period is for 5 years from the original date of purchase. When installed in a residential setting, the warranty period is for 10 years from the original date of purchase. Please see the AKW warranty for details.

Why does the long bendy rail have to be delivered by truck?

The long bendy rail protected in it’s cardboard tube exceeds the longest length allowed by UPS and FedEx.

Can I make multiple bends in a rail?

Sure, you can make a whole bunch of bends.

How tightly can I bend a rail?

The manufacturer says they can be bent to a radius as small as 3″.

Can I mount a bendy rail to the ceiling?

This takes a little ingenuity, but it can be done. Bend the rail to the shape you want, hold it in position against the ceiling, and determine where it crosses solid material to which you can fasten the rail. At the points you marked, drill pilot holes into the plastic sleeve that joins the two halves of the rail (insert the drill bit into the gap between the aluminum channels). Now fasten the rail to the ceiling with screws. The screws must have a small diameter head (“trim head” screws work best).

Do you have a way to connect bendy rails end-to-end?

Unfortunately there isn’t a fitting for this purpose.

How do I bend them in a perfect arc?

Bendy rails can be shaped into curves by hand, though, if you want to ensure a precise curve, or you need to repeat the same exact curve on many bendy rails, you’re best off making a jig. You can make the jig out of plywood or some similar material, cut to the curve you desire. Another way to shape a rail with more accuracy compared to the hand-held approach is to bend it over a strong cylinder, like thick-walled pipe.

Can I get a bendy rail in any other colors?

All bendy rails are white, though you can coat them with metal paint in the color of your choice.

What is a bendy rail made of?

A bendy rail is made of a plastic sleeve that is sandwiched between two identical aluminum channels. The three pieces slide together as the rail is bent to shape.