Economy Shower Seats

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Economy Shower Seats. If you find that you still have questions after reading through these, contact us and we can help!

Can I get new pads for my shower seat?

Yes, new pads are available. Please see the specification sheet for the seat model you have, and there you will find item codes for replacement pads.

How do the seats stay in the folded, upright position?

All Economy seats swing past 90° to lean toward the wall. This is sufficient to keep them in position until a user swings the seat back down. The only reason a seat would fail to stay upright is if the wall is badly out of plumb, leaning toward the shower in a way that prevents the seat from completing the over-travel path.

Can I add a back to my current seat that doesn’t have one?

Sorry, but there is no way to convert a seat from no-back to one with a back.

Can I use an Economy seat in a bathtub?

It depends. These seats are meant to be mounted to a wall, so that is a condition of use, and the feet must rest on a flat surface. Since many tubs have a rounded bottom surface, you have to take care to avoid having the feet contacting areas that will put sideways pressure on the legs when a user is seated. Installations like this may shorten the service life of a seat.

What are the differences between a Deluxe Shower Seat and an Economy Shower Seat?

The primary differences are size and load capacity. The Deluxe series is built with heavier gauge stainless steel tubing in the legs and frame, whereas aluminum is used in the Economy series. The widths of the seats are smaller in the Economy series. Plastic mounting brackets are used on the Economy seats compared to stainless steel in the Deluxe seats.

All in all, the Deluxe series is stronger, more durable, and more spacious.