Shower Screens

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Shower Screens. If you find that you still have questions after reading through these, contact us and we can help!

How long is the tie bar that comes with a screen?

Every glass screen is supplied with a 55″ long tie bar, which can be cut to the length needed for an installation. This tie bar should be used to secure an end post to a nearby wall to make the screen rigid. Separate tie bars are available to span from one glass screen to another.

Can I get the trim in other colors?

Sorry, these screens are only available with the polished aluminum trim.

What is the warranty on a glass screen?

The manufacturer’s limited warranty for defects is extended to the original “end-user” purchaser. When installed in a commercial setting, the warranty period is for 5 years from the original date of purchase. When installed in a residential setting, the warranty period is for 10 years from the original date of purchase. Please see the AKW warranty for details.

Can I cut the tie rod?

Yes, tie rods are made of aluminum and are easy to cut with a hacksaw.

How do I install glass screens without penetrating through the waterproofing?

If you absolutely do not want to penetrate the waterproofing, then consider securing a strip of solid surface material like Corian or Avonite (there are many brands) to the finished floor with adhesive, then mounting the glass screen hardware to it.

There really isn’t a problem, however, with mounting glass screens directly to the floor. After drilling pilot holes, squeeze silicone sealant into the holes before driving the fasteners and over the fasteners once they’re driven. The silicone will fill any gaps around the screws to seal the floor and keep water where is should be, draining from the shower. Take the time to silicone any floor or wall penetrations to prevent leaks–for example, with grab bar fasteners.

What is the trim made of?

The trim is made of polished aluminum.

What kind of glass is used?

All glass screens are made of tempered glass that is 6mm thick (a hair under ¼”).