TrueDEK® Classic Drains

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the TrueDEK® Classic Drains. If you find that you still have questions after reading through these, contact us and we can help!

I lost the screws for my drain for tile. What sizes do I need?

All the screws that come with the drain for tile are stainless steel, and they are metric. These are available at many well-stocked hardware stores in their specialty fastener section (typically you’ll find an aisle with shelves that are filled with boxes that have slide out drawers, and inside the drawers are all kinds of unique fasteners). Here is the screw information:

1. For the four screws that fasten the adaptor to the foundation, just use #8 x ¾″ long, flathead, wood threaded style screws in stainless steel or ceramic coated. Always drill pilot holes before driving the screws.

2. To secure the clamping ring, you’ll need M4 x0.7 x 16mm long stainless steel screws. These have to be metric and the proper size and threading to fit the threaded holes in the adaptor.

Why are there more threaded holes inside the drain adaptor?

The drain adaptor is universal, for use in both drain for tile assemblies and drain for vinyl assemblies. The drain for tile versions require only two threaded holes for securing the clamping ring to the adaptor. The clamping ring for the vinyl drain requires four threaded holes, and the holes are larger to accept screws that are bigger diameter. Why is there this difference? The clamping ring in a drain for tile only has to secure the edge of a thin, flexible drain gasket; the clamping ring for a drain for vinyl has to bear down on the comparatively thick edge of commercial-grade, weldable vinyl.

Can you make a custom grate for me?

ARC isn’t equipped to make drain grates, but there are a lot of metal fabricators out there who can do a great job if you give them a design or tell them what you want.

Will drain grates from other manufacturers fit your drain?

It’s not likely. TrueDEK Classic drains come from Europe and they are made to metric sizes, in length, width, and thickness. So far, no grate from another manufacturer has been found that fits a TrueDEK Classic drain.