About ShuffleDEK Linear Bases
ARC’s ShuffleDEK is the only fully integrated, structural shower base meant for large format tile.

The ShuffleDEK combines two modern features many homeowners want in a custom tile shower: a linear drain and a single pitch plane.

But there is more to the ShuffleDEK. The linear drain gulley is formed entirely within the thin profile of the base, making it easy to install the base without caring which direction the joists are running. The thickness of the structural base is a perfect match for 3/4″-thick subfloor topped by 1/4″-thick tile backer board or common uncoupling membranes like Schluter Ditra. The drain is totally integrated and totally sealed, and permits moving the outlet to miss joists and other obstacles. There’s nothing else like this base on the market.

And all of this is in one package, so you don’t have to worry about finding a linear drain, mixing mud, and combining products from different sources to build you shower.

Three ShuffleDEK models cover popular shower sizes, and are easy to install side-by-side for larger showers without the expense and risk of altering joists. This is especially important when working with TJI and truss joists, which must be modified to accommodate thick mudbeds and nearly every other prefabricated shower base product.

Install your ShuffleDEK and waterproof the shower area in one day, and begin tiling the next day. Within a week you could be enjoying a spectacular curbless shower.

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