About Waterproofing Kits
ARC has assembled premium materials for installing and waterproofing your curbless shower.

Tank/10 Liquid Waterproofing Compound is an outstanding product that is easy to apply and ensures long-lasting protection. Tank/10 Polyurethane Construction Adhesive is a ‘best-in-class” product that bonds to many materials, most importantly plastic shower bases and all kinds of wood joists. ARC’s reinforcement tape, pre-formed corners, and screws are all top quality to help you do the job right. We want to supply you with the best products possible. That way your shower base, the foundation under all your decorative materials, lasts and lasts.

ARC’s Pro Kit has enough waterproofing materials to do any ARC shower base, while the Premium Kit includes enough waterproofing supplies to do a base plus the walls of an alcove shower. You may need additional materials if you are going to add a built-in bench or other features in your shower.

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Available Models