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TrueDEK® Classic Drains Archives - ARC, Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there more threaded holes inside the drain adaptor?

The drain adaptor is a component in both drain for tile assemblies and the drain for vinyl assembly. The drain for tile model requires only two threaded holes for securing the clamping ring to the adaptor. The clamping ring for a vinyl drain requires four threaded holes, and the holes are larger to accept screws that are bigger in diameter.

Why the difference in screw sizes? The clamping ring in a drain for tile only has to secure the edge of a thin, flexible drain gasket; the clamping ring for a drain for vinyl has to bite down on thick commercial-grade, vinyl safety flooring. The bigger screws provide a stronger grip on the thicker material.

Will grates from other manufacturers fit ARC drains?

Fitting grates across manufacturers is tricky because there is no common standard. Out grates are made to metric dimensions that equate to 3/16" thick x 4-7/16" wide x 4-7/16" long.

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