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Waterproofing Kits Archives - ARC, Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Premium Kit or a Pro Kit?

The difference between these kits is in the amount of waterproofing supplies that are included.

The Premium Kit has enough waterproofing materials to do a full alcove shower, including the shower base and three walls. The Pro Kit was created for installers who prefer to waterproof the shower base with Tank/10, then use other waterproofing products on the walls.

It's up to an installer to consider compatibility of different waterproofing products and their appropriate use in a shower system.

What color is Tank/10?

The dark gray color of Tank/10 makes it easier to spread over shower foundations and tile backer (you can easily see spots you miss) and the color darkens as the compound dries. When applying the second coat it's easy to see the areas that are wet (lighter gray) and dry (darker gray).

What is the shelf life of Tank/10?

Tank/10 has a 3 year shelf life. A born-on date is printed on a label that is adhered to every bucket, and that date is also written on a label that is stuck to every waterproofing kit box. This shelf life applies to unopened containers. As soon as a container is unsealed the aging process will accelerate, just as with paint or glue or any other liquid.

What's in Tank/10?

Tank/10 is a premium latex based liquid paste compound. It is quite thick and has a very high latex content, which results in a product that has the consistency of pudding and spreads out in a thick layer to create an exceptionally protective membrane. Tank/10 can be spread with a paint brush, paint roller, or toothed trowel. Cleanup is best done while the material is wet using warm water and a mild soap.

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