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  • padded back rest and grab bar
  • typically used above a toilet tank to protect the fixture from users leaning against the tank
  • blue pad and white grab bar
  • steel grab bar
  • pad made of closed cell polyurethane foam (will not absorb water)
  • 10¾” overall projection from wall
  • grab bar diameter is 13/8
  • clean using mild soap and warm water
  • mounting brackets must be mounted to strong material like wood blocking (installed inside the wall or on the surface of the wall), brick, concrete, concrete block, etc. Please hire a qualified professional to do the installation if you are not familiar with best building practices.
  • manufacturer’s 10 year warranty
  • fasteners not included
  • for more details on this item please see the product Specification Form

Specification Sheets

01190-BU Specification Sheet