Wide ‘U’ Shower Seat, Blue Pad, SKU: 04120P

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Description: Wide 'U' Seat


  • 23″-wide shower seat with blue pad and a ‘U’-shaped cutout in the seat
  • a deluxe shower seat that offers security and comfort while bathing
  • ‘U’-shaped cutout eases hygiene
  • save space when not in use by folding seat against the wall
  • with the adjustable legs, you can set the seat height to meet your comfort needs
  • made of durable, no-rust stainless steel and molded polyethylene plastic
  • closed-cell foam pads will not absorb water (no mold or mildew)
  • highly visible blue pads assist the sight impaired
  • manufacturer’s 10 year residential warranty
  • clean with mild soap and warm water
  • rated to support up to 560 lbs. when properly installed
  • seat mounting brackets must be mounted to strong material like wood blocking (installed inside the wall or on the surface of the wall), brick, concrete, concrete block, etc. Please hire a qualified professional to do the installation if you are not familiar with best building practices.
  • fasteners are not included (because we don’t know what length or type you need for your installation circumstances)
  • for more details on this product, please see the product Specification Sheet
  • replacement pad item code: 04185

Specification Sheets

04120P Specification Sheet

What you will need

  • Deluxe Shower Seat
  • power drill and drill bits
  • tape measure
  • level
  • adjustable wrench
  • 2× lumber for wall blocking
  • fasteners (#14 round head or hex head fasteners recommended–do not use flat head type fasteners; use stainless steel or galvanized fasteners in wet area installations; each fastener must be capable of withstanding 77 lbs. of pull-out force; the length of fasteners will depend on the distance to drive them deeply into an appropriately reinforced material capable of supporting the load; drive a fastener into every mounting bracket pilot hole)

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