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Description: 39 ⅜" × 39 ⅜"


  • the easiest, fastest way to build a curbless, level-access shower
  • the rotating plate allows you to orient the drain in the best position, including centered on the shower base
  • installing this shower former and waterproofing typically takes one day
  • with a TrueDEK Classic8 shower former you avoid all the difficulty and risk of notching, lowering, or altering the joists
  • TF8 shower formers remove the guesswork from building a shower
  • this shower base is 7/8” thick at the edges
  • cover this former with tile or stone (from ¼” to 1″ thick), or weldable vinyl flooring
  • to build larger showers use TruePitch extensions, appropriate mortar products, or install formers side-by-side
  • install TrueDEK Classic8 formers on any type of joists, on subfloor, or on concrete
  • to complete your shower installation you will need an ARC waterproofing kit and a drain assembly for tile (choose a drain for vinyl only if you install weldable vinyl flooring)
  • tile that is 2″ x 2″ or smaller conform to the pitched contours of this shower base; for tile larger than 2″ x 2″, make valley cuts so that the tile lays properly on all pre-pitched surfaces
  • when installed properly on joists, all TrueDEK Classic8 formers bases support 800 lbs. or more
  • this product is covered by the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty
  • for more details, including drain position options, please see this product’s Specification Sheet
  • please watch our installation videos and understand the installation instructions before you begin your project

Specification Sheets

21131 Specification Sheet