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  • lightweight, breathable shower curtain in white
  • sheds water easily and dries quickly
  • lightweight, yet hangs straight when wet
  • breathable fabric offers a margin of safety in the event that a bather becomes entangled in the curtain
  • measures 70¾” wide x 82½” long
  • made of 100% woven polyester
  • permeable according to WIRA SHOWER TEST BS 5066:1974 (1993) — air passes through fabric, though only a minute amount of water penetrates fabric over a long span of time or under significant pressure
  • 10 eyelets
  • plastic grommets reinforce eyelets
  • all edges are hemmed
  • bottom hem contains small weights
  • machine wash and dry
  • use hook & glide connectors (item code CN7099-WH) when suspended from a Bendy Rail
  • may be suspended from standard plastic curtain rings when hung from a standard curtain rod
  • manufacturer’s residential 10-year warranty
  • for more details on this item please see product Specification Form

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About Breathable Curtains

Breathable Shower Curtains allow air to pass through tiny pores in the fabric, which increases safety for any user who might fall or become entangled in a curtain. The curtains hang straight and “heavy” when wet, so they don’t billow out while showering, yet shed water quickly and dry fast.

When hung from our Hook & Glide Connectors in a Bendy Rail track, opening and closing these curtains is effortless.