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  • bi-fold door assembly offers privacy for a bather while shielding caregivers from shower spray as they assist bather
  • 30″ tall with an adjustment range of 54¾” to 56¼” in width
  • white compensators and frame with gray trim accents; opaque panels
  • aluminum frames and compensators; textured PET panels (PET is very tough and will not shatter)
  • hinges allow doors to swing 180°
  • gaskets in door joints and bottom edges contain shower spray in shower area
  • when engaged, handles hold doors in closed position; raising the handles allows doors to swing
  • door handles are designed to give way if forced open by a falling bather so that the doors are less likely to cause injury
  • mount compensators to opposite walls of an alcove shower (compensators must be well fastened to blocking that is securely installed in or on the walls), then door assembly slips into the compensators
  • replacing  an original compensator with an extra-wide compensator (available separately) alters the fit range of the assembly to 55¾” to 57¼” in width.  Replacing  both original compensators with extra-wide compensators (available separately) alters the fit range of the assembly to 56¾” to 58¼” in width.
  • be sure the width of your shower alcove falls within the adjustment range of the caregiver door you choose
  • for more details on this item please see product Specification Form
  • ships via LTL only

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About Caregiver Doors

Caregiver Doors provide dignity and comfort for a bather, and shield a caregiver from shower spray.

Caregiver Doors are lightweight yet strong, and easy to operate. The 180° bi-fold swing of each door permits spacious access to a shower for easy entry and exit — especially important for bathers with mobility challenges. Built-in safety measures like shatterproof panels and latch handles designed to give way to sideward pressure, minimize risks during an accidental fall. Gaskets integrated into the bottom edge of each door help contain water in the sloped shower area.

All ARC Caregiver Doors are designed for alcove installations, which is far and away the most popular configuration for home care showers.