Caregiver Doors

At only 30″ tall, Caregiver Doors help people bathe with dignity and comfort, while allowing caregivers to more comfortably assist a bather without getting soaked from shower spray.

Caregiver Doors are lightweight yet strong, making them durable and easy to maneuver. The 180°, bi-fold swing range of each door permits spacious access to a shower for easier entry and exit; an especially important feature for mobility-challenged bathers requiring use of a shower chair. Built-in safety measures like shatterproof PET panels and latch handles designed to give way to sideward pressure, minimize injury to users in case of an unfortunate accidental fall. Gaskets integrated into the bottom edge of each door help contain water in the sloped shower area.

Most Caregiver Doors are white with gray trim; one model is white with black trim (CD2959-WB). All doors are designed for alcove installations, which is far and away the most popular configuration for home care showers. These doors are meant for installation in level-entry showers, though, with a little ingenuity, they can be mounted onto a curb, and some installers have even installed them in acrylic shower units.

  • All models are 30" tall
  • PET (polyethylene terephthalate) shatterproof panels
  • 180˚ bi-directional door swing
  • Gaskets contain water in the shower
  • 1½" range of lateral adjustability aids fitting doors in
    alcove showers
  • Magnetic strips join door pairs at the center
  • Handles align and secure door panels when engaged
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Available Models

46¼" to 47¾" wide
50¼" to 51¾" wide
54¾" to 56¼" wide
58¼" to 59¾" wide
58¼" to 59¾" wide
56¾" to 58¼" wide

Fit Range

Caregiver Doors are designed to fit an opening between two walls, as in an alcove shower. Each Caregiver Door offers a range of adjustability to aid in fitting the door to the opening. To achieve this lateral range of adjustment, every caregiver door assembly includes a pair of wall channel compensators. Compensators are fastened to opposing walls of an alcove, and the stanchion of each caregiver door pair is slipped into the compensators. There is  a ¾″ range of adjustment within each compensator (for the entire door, the total range of adjustability is 1½″).

If you need a Caregiver Door that is slightly wider than a model’s stated fit range, you can use extra-wide compensators to replace the compensators that come with the door (extra-wide compensators are available separately). Replacing one original compensator with an extra-wide compensator changes the fit range of a door by 2″. For example, a Caregiver Door that is designed to fit an opening from of 59″ to 60″ will, with one extra-wide compensator, fit an opening from 61″ to 63″. Replacing both original compensators with extra-wide compensators will adjust the fit range by 4″ (so a caregiver door with an original fit range of 59″ to 60″ becomes a door that will fit an opening of 63″ to 64″).

Any combination of compensators is acceptable for outfitting a Caregiver Door. You can use the two original compensators, or choose to install one original compensator and one extra-wide compensator, or elect to install two extra-wide compensators. Each compensator combination will allow the Caregiver Door to fit a slightly different opening. Do keep in mind that installing one original compensator and one extra-wide compensator will result in a slightly asymmetrical appearance since the two compensators have different widths.

NOTE: Model CD2960-WG is outfitted with extra-wide compensators as original equipment. This model cannot be made to fit openings other than the original range of 56¾″ to 58¼″.

Product Specs

Please see production specification sheets for details.
Color: Most models are white with gray trim; one model (CD2959-WB) is white with black trim.
Composition: Aluminum frames; plastic corners, hinges, and handles; PET panels.
Door height: 30″
Door thickness: ⅝″

What You'll Need

  • Caregiver Door
  • power drill
  • level
  • measuring tape
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • extra-wide compensators may be necessary depending on the fit range of the door and the alcove opening you are trying to fill

Spec Sheets, Installation Guides, etc.


What is the warranty on a caregiver door?

The manufacturer’s limited warranty for defects is extended to the original “end-user” purchaser. When installed in a commercial setting, the warranty period is for 5 years from the original date of purchase. When installed in a residential setting, the warranty period is for 10 years from the original date of purchase. Please see the AKW warranty for details.

Can you explain what the compensators are for?

Compensators essentially make up the gap between the doors and the walls, giving you space to make fitting adjustments and achieve a finished appearance. Compensators are U-shaped channels, open on one long edge. Each door assembly’s end fits into a compensator channel. With the doors removed, you have access into each channel to fasten the compensators to the walls. When you slip a door assembly into a compensator, you can fine-tune its position so that the door’s gasket rests on the floor properly, so that it swings properly, so that it engages a mating door properly, and is plumb.

Are other sizes available?

The manufacturer makes many caregiver door sizes and configurations. ARC stocks only the models designed for alcove installations because they are the models that the US and Canadian markets have consistently required.

Are other colors available?

The manufacturer makes them only in white with gray trim accents.

How do I choose the right caregiver door for my shower?

All caregiver doors have a “fit range” that allows for adjustments during an installation. To determine which door to order, begin by measuring the width of your alcove shower opening (from wall to wall). Make sure the walls are finished so that the thicknesses of all materials are taken into account (drywall, tile backer, tile, acrylic or fiberglass coverings, etc.).

Next, in the Alcove Caregiver Door section of this website, see the “Available Models” page and select the model with a “fit range” that includes your measurement. If none of the models have a “fit range” that covers your needs you can consider the use of one or two extra-wide compensators. Every door comes with two compensators. Swapping an original compensator for an extra-wide compensator will change a caregiver door’s “fit range” by 2″. So, for example, if a caregiver door’s “fit range” is originally 
59″ to 60″, replacing one original compensator with an extra-wide compensator changes the “fit range” to between 61″ and 62″. Switching out both original compensators for extra-wide compensators would make the “fit range” 63″ to 64″.

There is one exception to this general rule. Caregiver door model CD2960-WG includes extra-wide compensators as original equipment, therefore its “fit range” cannot be adjusted.

If you’re still out of luck finding a caregiver door that will work in your shower, there is one more possible solution. You can easily install a strip of material between each wall and compensator to make up a gap of any size. For this purpose we recommend non-porous, solid surface products like Corian, Avonite, Swanstone, Cambria and the like (there are many brands). You could also use acrylic or fiberglass. Cut the material to the dimensions you need and mount the strips to the walls, then fasten the compensators against the strips. Using this method, the “fit range” of any caregiver door can be expanded or fine-tuned to meet most every need.


Extra-wide Compensator–
for doors with gray trim
Download Spec Sheet
Extra-wide Compensator–
for doors with black trim
Download Spec Sheet
Door Handle–
hinged handle replacement
for doors with gray trim
Download Spec Sheet
Door Handle–
fixed handle replacement
for doors with gray trim
Download Spec Sheet
Door Handle–
hinged handle replacement
for doors with black trim
Download Spec Sheet
Door Handle–
fixed handle replacement
for doors with black trim
Download Spec Sheet