Economy Shower Seats

Economy Shower Seats offer comfort and security in a medium-duty, slimmer profile.

Every Economy Seat gains its strength from a rustproof, durable aluminum frame and a pair of well-braced aluminum legs. The molded polyethylene seat, and the back on two models, provide bathers comfort and peace of mind.

The powder-coated frame and upper legs deliver good looks and another layer of protection for use in wet environments. The legs allow height adjustments in ¾″ increments, and the fine-tuning feature on one foot cleverly compensates for floor slope.

To increase comfort, Economy Seats are outfitted with removable closed-cell foam seat and back pads, which will not absorb water, an important feature if keeping your seat clean and mold-free is important to you.

Since the seat and arms swing independently, users can adjust any component to meet their changing needs, whether it’s raising a single arm to ease access to the seat, or folding the entire unit against the wall to have more space for entering and exiting the shower.


  • 348 lb. load capacity (seated user)
  • 122 lb. load capacity for each arm (use for hand grip; not intended for sitting, standing, or supporting a sustained load)
  • Aluminum frame and legs
  • Polyethylene seat, back, and wall mounting bracket
  • Legs allow height adjustments to meet user's needs
  • One foot offers +/- ½" of fine-tune adjustment to compensate for slope of floor
  • Closed-cell foam pads will not absorb water
  • Plastic feet protect floor
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Available Models


Product Specs

Please see product specification sheets for details.

Composition: Aluminum frame and legs, molded polyethylene seat and back, polyurethane closed-cell foam pads.

Weight load capacity: 348 lbs. for seated users; arms support up to 122 lbs. (arms are designed for assisting a user with entering and exiting seat; do not sit or stand on arms).

Installation requirements: Seat bracket must be fastened to sturdy material that is well supported in the wall framing; typically 2 x 10 or 2 x 12 nominal lumber is installed between studs using cleats or by notching the studs for the blocking (toenailing is not a reliable fastening technique); installers may use plywood instead of lumber, though the total thickness of the plywood blocking should be at least 1½″ (two pieces of ¾″ thick plywood sandwiched together, for example); be sure to install blocking at the appropriate height for the seat and the user; use ¼”-diameter or #12 screws round head or hex head screws to secure the seat bracket to the wood blocking, and make sure fasteners are long enough to penetrate through all wall materials and bed deeply into the blocking; use stainless steel screws in wet area installations.

Maintenance: Seats should be cleaned routinely with a mild cleanser; do not use abrasives or harsh acidic or alkaline chemicals; remove pads to fully clean all seat parts; flush with water after each cleaning; every few months, check hex nut on fine-tune adjustable foot, adjust if necessary to restore the seat to level, and retighten nut.

Additional note: The wall to which a seat bracket is mounted must be plumb for the seat to operate properly.; the fold-up seat and arms, when swung to the vertical position, must be able to swing past 90° to overbalance in the upright position; if the seat bracket is mounted to a wall that is out of plumb, the seat and arms may not be able to swing past 90°, which may prevent the seat and arms from remaining in the fold-up position.


What You'll Need

  • Economy Seat
  • power drill
  • level
  • measuring tape
  • adjustable wrench
  • fasteners (#10 round head fasteners recommended–do not use flat head type fasteners; use stainless steel fasteners in wet area installations; each fastener must be capable of withstanding 77 lbs. of pull-out force; the length of fasteners will depend on the distance to drive them deeply into an appropriately reinforced material capable of supporting the load; drive a properly sized fastener into every mounting bracket pilot hole)


Can I get new pads for my shower seat?

Yes, new pads are available. Please see the specification sheet for the seat model you have, and there you will find item codes for replacement pads.

How do the seats stay in the folded, upright position?

All Economy seats swing past 90° to lean toward the wall. This is sufficient to keep them in position until a user swings the seat back down. The only reason a seat would fail to stay upright is if the wall is badly out of plumb, leaning toward the shower in a way that prevents the seat from completing the over-travel path.

Can I add a back to my current seat that doesn’t have one?

Sorry, but there is no way to convert a seat from no-back to one with a back.

Can I use an Economy seat in a bathtub?

It depends. These seats are meant to be mounted to a wall, so that is a condition of use, and the feet must rest on a flat surface. Since many tubs have a rounded bottom surface, you have to take care to avoid having the feet contacting areas that will put sideways pressure on the legs when a user is seated. Installations like this may shorten the service life of a seat.

What are the differences between a Deluxe Shower Seat and an Economy Shower Seat?

The primary differences are size and load capacity. The Deluxe series is built with heavier gauge stainless steel tubing in the legs and frame, whereas aluminum is used in the Economy series. The widths of the seats are smaller in the Economy series. Plastic mounting brackets are used on the Economy seats compared to stainless steel in the Deluxe seats.

All in all, the Deluxe series is stronger, more durable, and more spacious.