Fold-up Supports

Fold-up Supports are a must-have balance-assist aid. The space-saving design is ideal for installation next to a toilet or sink, where it’s important to have a steady handhold but also a clear approach path. In addition, the parallel trombone-slide shaped bar permits many holding and leveraging positions that help users maneuver safely with increased stability.

When swung against a wall, all Fold-up Supports are securely held in the upright position by a clamping mechanism, yet release easily with a slight tug when a user chooses to swing them into the “ready” position.

White and blue supports are powder-coated steel for a durable, protective, water resistant finish. The stainless steel model is totally waterproof. Adjustable leg versions, by far the most popular, offer height adjustments in ¾″ increments to accommodate a wide range of personal use preferences, and a fine-tune foot allows for setting the equipment to the exact height to suit an individual’s needs.

  • Flexible, convenient support for challenging situations
  • Adjustable leg and fixed leg models support up to 440 lbs.; no-leg model supports up to 220 lbs.
  • Adjustable leg models adjust in ¾" increments
  • Adjustable leg models have a fine-tune foot for +/- ½" micro-adjustments
  • All models swing against a wall for clearance
  • When swung against a wall, a flexible clamp hold the support in position
  • Choose legged models in white, blue, and stainless steel
  • All models include a toilet roll holder
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Available Models

fixed leg
adjustable leg
adjustable leg
adjustable leg

Product Specs

Please see product specification sheets for details.

Diameter of grip: 1¼″

Distance from wall to end of support: 30⅜″

Load capacity: 440 lbs. for models with legs; 220 lbs. for model without leg; fold-up supports must be properly fastened to blocking that is securely installed in or on wall.

Fastener requirements: Installation requires substantial, well secured blocking in or on wall. Use ¼″ dia. round head or hex head fasteners to mount support to wall blocking (fastener type and length vary depending on wall materials, thickness of wall, and other factors); stainless steel fasteners recommended in wet area locations.

Other Information: All models include a toilet roll holder.

What You'll Need

  • Fold-up Support
  • round head or hex head fasteners with ¼” dia. shank in a length appropriate for the installation
  • power drill
  • level
  • measuring tape
  • 2× lumber for blocking in wall
  • fasteners (#14 round head or hex head fasteners recommended–do not use flat head type fasteners; use stainless steel fasteners in wet area installations; each fastener must be capable of withstanding 77 lbs. of pull-out force; the length of fasteners will depend on the distance to drive them deeply into an appropriately reinforced material capable of supporting the load; drive a fastener into every mounting bracket pilot hole)