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About TrueDEK Linear Formers

TrueDEK Linear shower bases feature a fully integrated drain gulley molded directly into a structural, pre-pitched base. The drain gulley offers three drain connector locations to ease installation — choose the drain location that’s best for your job site, or choose to install multiple drains to handle high volume water flow.

As a structural shower foundation, a TrueDEK Linear base may be installed directly on joists to make a curbless shower that’s flush with the rest of the bathroom floor.

Precisely pre-sloped, each base ensures swift and accurate drainage without any demands on the installer. All you have to do is make sure the base is level.

Because the shower bases are so thin and strong, expensive joist modifications are unnecessary.

If you ever want to remodel your shower, simply remove the tile, repair the waterproofing, and lay new tile.

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What You'll Need

  • TrueDEK Linear foundation
  • drain assembly
  • 2″ drain connector
  • waterproofing kit (additional waterproofing supplies may be required depending on the size and complexity of the project)
  • circular saw
  • flush cutting saw or reciprocating saw
  • power drill
  • belt sander or orbital sander
  • caulking gun
  • 3¼” hole saw with mandrel
  • hammer
  • pry bar
  • speed square
  • scissors or utility knife
  • 3″ or 4″ paint brush (throw away type)
  • paint roller and cover
  • 2× lumber for blocking
  • polyurethane construction adhesive (four to five 10 oz. tubes)–use a product that bonds to plastic and wood
  • acrylic paintable caulk (one 10 oz. tube)
  • #9 x 2″ ceramic coated or stainless steel flathead screws


What holds the linear drain cover in the tile adaptor?

It's a snug fit. There are round rubber bumpers that you insert into pre-bored holes in the side walls of the cover. Pressing the cover into the adaptor squeezes the bumpers just a bit, making for a snug fit. The cover will come out only if you want it to.

How deep is the linear drain cover?

All covers are 1/2" deep.

Why can’t I cut a TrueDEK linear base?

These bases have a mild steel frame that is part of their internal structure. Each steel tube that makes up the frame is set back from an edge of the base by about 1". Cutting through these tubes weakens the structure and may reduce the load capacity of the base, depending on how the base is supported underneath.

What do I use to bond tile to the shower foundation?

Use a quality brand of modified thinset mortar mix.

Before installing tile, TrueDEK foundations must be coated with Tank/10 waterproofing compound, which bonds to the plastic shower base and provides an ideal surface for the modified thinset mortar.

Modified thinset mortar will bond directly to the shower base, but it is an inferior bond. Tank/10 waterproofing, on the other hand, bonds very well to the plastic shower base, and it provides an anti-fracture membrane to protect grout and tile from minor movement in the underlayment that may otherwise cause a crack or fissure in the tile layer.

Do I have to use ARC waterproofing supplies, or can I use different products?

Many waterproofing products will not bond well to plastic shower bases. The waterproofing products ARC has developed have proven to work over thousands of installations, and we stand behind them. Using other products may or may not work, but you'll have to experiment to feel confident in the long-term results. Whatever you use has to do the job for the long haul.

Do I need to tape the joints around a shadow box, niche, or built in bench?

Leaving joints uncovered allows more opportunity for water to penetrate your framing structure. In the long run it pays to embed tape over every joint. You'll never regret it. Remember, most tile and stone are impervious to water, but grout is not.

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